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Kenneth Sørensen 2012Kenneth Sørensen
(1962) holds an MA in Psychosynthesis (see thesis) from The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust (East University of London) and a four-year Diploma in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy from the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis.

Through his company, Kentaur Training and Publishing (www.psykosyntese.dk) and E-Academy (www.e-academy.dk), he works with Psychosynthesis and energy psychology in Denmark and Scandinavia. He works as a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist,  author and writer, and with severel educational programmes in meditation , psychosynthesis and energy psychology.

Through his publishing house he has facilitated the translation to Danish of all Assagiolis written books and articles included the work of Whitmore, Ferrucci, and Parfitt etc.

Kenneth Sørensen is the author of three books (in Danish) – one on group meditation and another on higher and lower psychism. His resent and most prominent work is "The Call from Greatness - Integral Meditation and the Way To Freedom"  He is also co-author of the danish book "Your Holotypes - coretalents and soul path" featuring the seven types of psychosynthesis.

Since the beginning of the 90ies, Kenneth Sørensen has been working with esotericism and astrology. His major source of inspiration comes from esotericism, Aurobindo, Ken Wilber, Roberto Assagioli , and the Eastern Yoga traditions. Furthermore, Kenneth Sørensen has worked for 10 years as a consultant within the field of social psychiatry.

Kenneth Sørensen has been pursuing the spiritual path since 1987 and this includes daily meditation (Raja Yoga and creative meditation), regular psychotherapy and a focussed service output.

For an online version of all available articles (36) and interviews (6) by Roberto Assagioli please refer to http://www.psykosyntese.dk/k-62/ 

English consultations
Kenneth offers english consultations (astrological, psychosynthesis and meditation)  via Skype or other communication tools. Feel free to ask any questions via info@psykosyntese.dk

Articles in English:
For an article by Kenneth Sørensen on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs And Subpersonality Work, see: http://www.psykosyntese.dk/a-155/

Audio clips:
An audio clip (45 minutes, 10 mb) of a lecture given in 2008 at a summer retreat in Denmark: The necessity of silence in meditation. See: http://www.psykosyntese.dk/Kmedi.mp3 and diagrams: Meditation and silence

An audio clip (45 minutes, 16 mb) of a lecture given in 2008 in US at a conference held by the University of The Seven Ray: The Silent Will. See: http://www.psykosyntese.dk/silent-will.mp3 and diagrams: Silent Will

An audio clip (48 minutes, 16 mb) of a lecture given in 2009 in US at a conference held by the University of The Seven Ray: Holosynthesis. See: http://www.psykosyntese.dk/pdf/holosyntese.mp3 and diagrams: Holosynthesis

An audio clip (52 minutes, 21 mb) of a lecture given in 2009 at a summer retreat in Denmark: Soul-centred Personality Integration. See: http://www.psykosyntese.dk/pdf/soulcentred-integration.mp3 and diagrams: soulcentred-integration

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